Early Childhood is a developmental stage from 3 years to 8 years. These early years are most crucial and critical for overall development of a child. The experiences which the child goes through during this phase have a long term effect on his/her life course. According to the educationalists children are born as blank slate or “Tabula Rasa” (concept given by Locke) they start their life from neutral. Child’s mind is so mold-able that the parent’s and immediate caretakers can mold it in any way. This is the stage when basic physical, social development happens and cognitive development starts. The child learns socialization, logical thinking and concept of friendship and is gradually moving towards excelling cognitive development. He has developed gross motor skills and excellence in fine motor skills is in progress.
According to the developmental theorist Human Life Span is divided into different developmental stages, each theorist has its own way of classification.


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